How to write a Thank You Note

Amid the varieties of emotions and occasions we each experience in one lifetime, the expression of gratitude for someone is one which is far from uncommon. And with a multitude of methods to communicate with one another, giving someone your thanks is fairly easy to do. What if, however, a generic ‘thank you’ isn’t sufficient enough to express how you feel?
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    How to Write a Thank You Note

    What if you want your thanks to be given more intentionally, more memorably? Fewer methods can check off each of these hypothetical boxes to the same extent that a well thought out thank you note can. Dedicating the time to personally acknowledge who and what you’re thankful for in such a way that can be preserved may seem a bit more complex than sending a quick text or an e-mail, but writing a thank you note doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some tips to consider when crafting your next ‘thank you’.

    Greet Your Recipient

    Starting out with something simple, you’ll need to properly address who you’re extending your gratitude toward. A more than common way of starting a thank you note is with a simple ‘Dear’ followed by the reader’s name; but do your best to make your greeting as personal as possible (e.g., Dear Landon and Rebecca, Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, To my loving Aunt Susan and Uncle Brad, etc.). Switch your greeting up and have some fun with it if you feel comfortable, but make sure you verify the spelling of any and all names.

    Get to the Good Stuff

    Since the entire basis of this note is to make the recipient feel appreciated and noticed, you’d be doing them an injustice by writing nothing more than a simple ’thank you’ before sticking a stamp on and sending it on its way. So in the heart of your note, yes, be sure to give thanks, but make it specific. Take into consideration your affiliation with your recipient; be it professional, casual, acquainted, or intimate, and craft your note to reflect that relationship. List exactly what you’re thankful for and how it will be used or will benefit you. Here are some examples to get you started:

    -I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for... -I was thinking of you and wanted to thank you for… -It was so great having you at the… thank you so much for… -I am so excited to use the kitchen set that you gifted me for….

    Into the Future

    In addition to acknowledging your thanks, it’s always a good idea to mention something about your next meeting with the recipient. Maybe you don’t know exactly when or if you’ll be able to cross paths again; in such a case be sure to be genuine, yet courteous. Here are some examples:

    -I’m looking forward to meeting again next month at the conference. -I’m so excited for Brandon’s graduation next year. I cannot wait to see you again! -I’m so glad that we were able to cross paths again. I hope to see you again soon. -Maybe we can plan a trip to see you sometime soon. Let me know what you think.

    Well Wishes and Closing

    When you’re ready to conclude your note, wish your recipient well and restate your thanks once more in closing. This is also where you’ll sign your name and add any last touches to what you’ve constructed. You can do this many different ways, but here are some examples:

    -I hope all is well with you and the family. Thanks again. Sincerely,…. -If I can do anything to return the favor, please don’t hesitate to ask. Once again, thank you so much. Yours Truly,… -I hope the business continues to grow and flourish. Thanks again for your kindness. Take Care,…

    Now that you have a strong idea of what a thank you note could look like, try your hand at crafting your own. Take a book out of our page if you’d like, but remember to put your personal touch on every card. Signed, sealed, delivered, you're only a stamp away from making someone smile, so get to work.